Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday Dinner

For the first time in several weeks, the Darling Devoted Husband and I were both home and off work on Sunday (with Monday free too, due to Labor Day!), so we got in the kitchen and cooked up some tasty food together. Yes, in fact, I harbor a little-known secret: the DDH is a decent cook, too. He lacks confidence and knowledge of some cooking terms, but he makes a mean pork chop and I usually have him cook any fish I'm making.

Sunday, we went and saw Julie & Julia, and the DDH came home wanting to make Bavarian cream--chocolate instead of raspberry, like in the movie, because he's not a big raspberry fan. I had acquired a bunch of sweet potatoes from Bootstrap Farm on Saturday and a "best of" Cook's Illustrated issue from Sam's Club on Sunday and decided to try its recipe for mashing said sweet potatoes. We stopped at WalMart and bought two little bacon-wrapped filets mignon and headed home to cook our feast.

For the mashed sweet potatoes (which the DDH and I both found delicious), you peel about 2 pounds of sweet potato, then quarter them lengthwise and chop into 1/4-inch slices:

You put them with 4 Tbs. butter (I put half of the butter on the bottom of the pan, then added the potatoes and put the other half on top of them), 2 Tbs. heavy cream, 1 tsp sugar, and 1/2 tsp. salt in a medium saucepan:

Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, for about 35 minutes or until they fall apart when forked:

Remove them from the heat, then mash them in the saucepan:

Add a pinch of pepper if you'd like, and serve!

Really, they were quite delicious. They tasted just like sweet potatoes, not too sweet, distractingly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and things (though at Thanksgiving I love doctored sweet potato casserole things!). Very simple. Very good!

The DDH's cream adventures shall go in another post, as it's a more involved process. To round out our dinner, though, we cooked up those bacon-wrapped filets mignon (cheating, I know, but oh well):

I tossed on some frozen green beans steamed in the microwave, and voila! delicious Sunday dinner:

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