Friday, January 29, 2010

Never Eat Yellow Snow

But the white kind makes delicious ice cream.

Last night, Tulsa had a cheery little ice storm; nothing major. The office still expected me in this morning; the pet store still wanted me at noon. Unfortunately (or fortunately, perhaps), it began snowing this morning and has yet to stop. Long story short, the pet store closed at three this afternoon, and after a half-hour white-knuckle driving experience, I made it home safely by four, a good four-and-a-half hours earlier than I usually arrive.

The Darling Devoted Husband, having the good sense to work at a sensible office that was closed all day, had been prowling around for several hours already. He suggested we go see a movie. I told him he was crazy. He wanted to walk somewhere and go find dinner. I told him he was certifiably insane. Somehow, I ended up volunteering to make a vast assortment of food.

I mixed up the ingredients for coconut bread in the bread machine. Breakfast tomorrow, check. The DDH made brownies (delicious, delicious Trader Joe's truffle brownies). Dessert tonight, check. I made sweet potato fries, green beans, and pork chops: a dinner, I thought, capable of satisfying the most restless and hungry husband. Somewhere in here I also feed the dogs and the rabbit.

I sit down to enjoy some champagne after my meal, drowsily contemplating a brownie. The DDH decides he needs vanilla ice cream to go with this brownie. Having established that traveling anywhere to acquire said ice cream would prove him mentally unstable, he decides to make some. Using snow. Which, admittedly, we have in vast quantities. Picturing a long, complicated, and rather unsanitary process, I consider killing him. Having decided that would be rather messy and probably take as much energy as making this snow ice cream, I settle for just being not particularly supportive.

Surprisingly (to me, anyway, as the DDH's brilliant schemes usually turn out to be time-consuming and complicated affairs), making snow ice cream is a quick and easy process.

All you do is mix together half-and-half, vanilla, salt, and sugar:

Then add snow (we used snow from the hood of his car so as to avoid any stray bits of grass and dirt):

a cup or two at a time:


until you reach your desired consistency:

Ideally, you top this with a warm brownie (or warm gooey brownie mess, if you prefer, and I do):

and eat it immediately.

It was pretty good. Really liquidy, but delicious with the brownie. It was fast and easy enough to make even when tired from a day fighting traffic and weather, and actually sort of fun. It reminds you why you liked the snow when you were a kid.

But the yellow snow--it's not lemon flavored. Really.

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